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A New Year and So A New Blog

I’m back to blogging…………after such a long time it feels a bit strange to do so. I deleted my digital scrapbooking blog a couple of months ago, so if you’ve been directed here from a site that highlighted a digi quick page I created I’m sorry to say I no longer will be offering them. This new blog will highlight many things; from personal thoughts, to creative projects, gardening, to noteworthy news – it’s just hard to tell what I might end up blogging about. I may blog once a day, once a week, or if I have lots to share I may even blog a couple of times a day. I will tell you I have lots of creative things to share here at the beginning. I do hope some of my past followers find me once again and we catch up on what has been happening in our lives. In the meantime, check back very soon, as I will be gathering photos and posting projects. As for now, I just wanted to say “I’m back!” – and oh! don’t be surprised if you check back and my blog has changed, it’s still a work in progress and I’ll be tweaking it along the way.

Have a creative day!


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