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Bare Feet

March is only a few weeks away and April will soon follow so I’ve begun thinking about gardening. I read someplace that “Gardening begins in the winter with a dream” and it is so true.

Losing myself in a gardening book, magazine, or catalog is easy. I sometimes think I should have been a landscape designer. The challenge of figuring out which trees, shrubs, and flowers should go where, by bloom time & length, height, spread, light requirements and soil requirements is something I greatly enjoy. I love to just sit in the yard and picture different landscape or garden plans.

My mind is always spinning and creating mental garden “blueprints,” from small to large areas of the yard. I have always believed beauty is in the details, and it’s no different with Gardening; a splash of color from one plant can highlight another.

An enjoyable quiet time for me is to brew a fresh pitcher of iced tea, grab some paper and pencil, and take both out into the yard to sit in the sun. I gaze a bit, imagine a bit, think a bit and begin to draw out a gardening plan. I consider every little thing, the space, the length of shade and sun, the visual impact, the amount of maintenance. I immerse myself in the process. An empty yard or one that needs completely striped of overgrown plants is a blank palette to create a relaxing retreat.

It’s easy for me to envision how it will look. One may see a bare dirt corner of the yard, or overgrown weeds along a fence, but I see a perennial garden in full bloom and roses or raspberries climbing their way among the fence pickets. It’s all in the mind’s eye and the beauty you want to be surrounded by.

So I look out the window now and see snow covering everything. It’s been one tough winter with snow storm after snow storm. To say I’m going a bit stir crazy to get out and dig in the dirt is an understatement. However, all the snow has been greatly needed and from what I have heard farmers are thankful it will replenish the aquifers that have suffered from drought. The same snow will replenish the moisture in our gardens, lakes, streams and rivers. Lets just hope it melts slowly otherwise everything will be very flooded.

……….but I’m not thinking about snow today, because under all that white there is green waiting for warm spring days; …there is a pitcher ready to be filled with iced tea; …perennial catalogs to be browsed; …a pencil ready to draw; …hands ready to feel the soil and bare feet yearning for soft grass. 

….because gardening starts in the winter with a dream.


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This entry was posted on February 15, 2014 by in Gardening, Personal Thoughts.
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