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Remembering 25 Years Ago Today

I’m a bit melancholy today.

Twenty five years ago today started out as any other day. I got up, went to work and didn’t pay much attention to the little aches in my lower back. By noon those little aches had turned into labor contractions. I remember my boss getting extremely nervous and telling me, “get going before you have that baby here!”

After an afternoon and evening of labor, my son Cory was born that night. He weighed 9 pounds and was 20 inches long, I immediately noticed his trademark dimples and alert bright eyes. A mother couldn’t ask for a better baby.

His birth wasn’t an easy one. I hemorrhaged an hour after having him and it was an uphill battle to get my strength back. I returned to the hospital via an ambulance 2 days after bringing Cory home. It was a scarey time –  I hated being admitted back into the hospital, I didn’t want to be without my infant. My doctor allowed my husband to bring Cory to the hospital, so he could be with me while I was there. The story has a happy ending in that I regained all of my strength and the little infant born 25 years ago has grown into a young man that has given me great joy throughout his life.

Cory is my “thinker” – the child that looks at every possible angle, the one that questions and debates profound topics. He has my wanderlust to discover and explore the world, and he is dedicated to whatever task and/or goal that is before him. He has proudly served in the US Navy for 5 years and received so many accommodations and awards that I can’t possibly (nor can I) list them here. Cory is now attending college with a goal to earn his PhD – with the motivation to make a difference, be it in politics or academia. …….and I have no doubt that he will.

He has brought me great joy and I am so very blessed to have Cory as my son. Today I am remembering all the wonderful years of him as an infant, a toddler, a young boy, when he was a teenager – but more than any other, I am thinking about the quiet times we shared, just the two of us – of him sitting on my lap or being held in my arms…………my little tow head, looking up at me with a smile, dimpled cheeks and bright eyes.

Happy Birthday my son – I love you so very much.


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This entry was posted on February 20, 2014 by in Family, Personal Thoughts.
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