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I’m taking a break today from a gardening post. I’m still gathering a bit of information before I publish it.

My thoughts today have been on Beau. He’s adjusting well in Savannah – me? not so much. I miss having him by my side nearly 24/7. There have been many times while sitting at the kitchen table I have reached to put my foot under that big paw of his, only to find empty air. I feel the emptiness all over again.

Beau has had quite the adventures since he has arrived in Savannah. Lee takes him everywhere;  to the park, on a drive to the store, to PetSmart to pick up a new toy or food, walks in downtown Savannah; it’s just hard to tell what new site Beau will see next. He contracted Kennel Cough (most likely from a trip to PetSmart) and was down for a few weeks, but it ran it’s course and Beau is fine now.

Beau confirmed the rumor that a crocodile was living in the pond behind Lee’s house. He, Beau and Lee’s roommates were in the back yard when Lee heard something moving in the tall weeds at the water’s edge; Beau heard it too and went to investigate. Sure enough he kicked up a little crocodile about 3 feet long that quickly scurried into the water. I can not imagine what Beau must have been thinking, and I can just imagine his reaction of looking at the water and then back at Lee, then at the water, than back at Lee ……”what is that? I’ve never seen a fish with 4 legs before! do fish have 4 legs? it’s not a duck or a goose, it’s not a muskrat, beaver, or raccoon, what was that thing??? can I go look again? oh please can I chase it?”………….Beau LOVES the water and is used to a Midwestern lake, pond, or river and the critters that reside in them……but a crocodile? That’s a new one for him. Beau will soon discover there’s an entirely different set of critters in the south..

Lee sent me the above pic in a text message last evening. I had to chuckle when I noticed that Beau would rather be chewing and playing with the stick instead of his tug toy laying behind him in the grass. So typical of my Boy………..he sees a stick and it’s time to either chew or play fetch. No matter how much I tried to keep him from chewing on them, sticks seem to be his preference over any other chew bones or toys.

Lilly misses Beau too and she knows I miss him. She found this page in one of her books and colored it for me. When she presented it to me, she said, “Grandma I tried to blend the colors so they were golden like Beau. This is Beau and it’s for you. I miss him too.” With that she gave me a big hug, then gave me another one proclaiming yesterday was “extra hug day.”

So I think about Beau allot. I guess because I miss him so much and I wonder if he misses me; our walks in the woods, playing fetch, diving into the water to retrieve the stick I just threw out, my foot always on him or under him, me talking to him, dancing with him, he laying beside the bed at night, me giving him a leftover or treat……….all those things.

……….because I do……… and in my mind I see him in the back yard wagging his tail and looking at me ready to play; or sleeping quietly in the shade of a tree or laying peacefully at my feet…..and when a favorite song comes on the radio……….I miss the one dance partner that was always ready to dance.


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