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Old Man Winter

I think ‘Old Man Winter,’ the sweet little elderly gentleman that gives us soft fluffy snow and allows the fairies to frost the trees and set ice on the lakes and river is grouchy this year. Maybe he feels like he has to roar a bit to show his authority and so he is pounding us with snow storm after snow storm and bitter cold temperatures. Surely he is getting tired by now and is ready to retreat to his annual vacation so Mother Nature can herald the coming of spring. I like so many millions of others would probably like to start packing his bag and and send him on his way.

We’re expecting yet another snow storm – another one – I’ve lost count as to how many there have been this year. I’m in the dark blue area and as of now the snow totals could range from 6 to 12 inches. Ugh – on top of the ……….I don’t know….the several feet we have already gotten.

I ventured out during a snow storm and took a quick photo. I’m standing on ice about 30 feet from the shoreline and looking toward the end of the lake (that you can’t see because of the falling snow) – brrrrr……

I don’t ski, I don’t ice skate, and so I don’t look forward to the winter sports the snow and ice bring. I don’t ice fish – are you kidding? Sitting on an upturned bucket in the middle of a cold windy lake does not sound appealing to me at all. Of course the die hard fishing enthusiasts have the comfy warm shanties…….but I for one just don’t see the fun in it. It must be a ‘guy’ thing (though I’m sure there are many women that love it too). I do like to build snowmen and go sledding, but after so much snow those activities just don’t seem as fun as they did at the beginning of the winter season.

I saw the below video and busted a gut laughing…….I think the woman expresses how many of us feel right now.

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This entry was posted on February 28, 2014 by in Personal Thoughts.
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