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The Sewing Machine is Humming

Is anyone else going stir crazy? Have cabin fever? Is ready for warm days that will melt all the snow? Well count me in! With as much snow as there is I don’t know if it will be melted by April or May (for that matter). The old timers in this area have reported the ice on the lake is 24″ thick – wow – that’s a whole lotta melting that needs to happen.

So……..in the meantime, and while dreaming about warm sunny days I’ve been working on increasing my Doll and Baby quilt selection on Etsy. It’s going to take some time to get ‘noticed’ and that’s okay, because good things come to those who wait – right? Well, here’s hoping anyway. The Lord knows I am an impatient child! The Ohio Star block is the start of a new baby quilt I am working on. I’m designing it as I go (the blueprint is in my mind) – for the simple reason I want it to be different from all the “patterns” out there. Something unique that no one else has. I’ve completed a few others I have yet to list – I want to put them on Etsy at the same time – provide more of a selection for visitors to my Shop.

So………today is another winter activity day. My sewing machine may be humming, and I may be physically sitting inside keeping warm, but my mind is day dreaming about shorts, tank tops, sandals, and a warm sunny day.


One comment on “The Sewing Machine is Humming

  1. Nikki Da Lovely
    March 7, 2014

    Beautiful as always!

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