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March Madness

March is always such a crazy month – the weather can’t make up it’s mind if it’s still winter or the start of spring. One day it’s mild weather and the next it may be snowing. I’ve noticed more birds chirping and the days are getting longer (thank goodness) and there have been a few peeks of warmer days here and there, so I’m hopeful spring is just around the corner. It can not arrive soon enough!

I’m a College Basketball fan. The month of March always reminds me of when my father and I would watch games on Sunday afternoons and speculate if IU (Indiana University) would reach the Sweet Sixteen and head down the road to The Final Four. Dad has been gone 12 years now – hard to believe time has gone so quickly. Seems like just yesterday he was sitting in his chair and chuckling at some antic of Bobby Knight. I miss Dad……….I miss those days.  I watch the games now and I think of him and our times together. I know he is watching and has the best seat in the house.

Basketball is a staple in the state of Indiana (where I grew up) and between IU, Butler, Purdue, Indiana State, BSU, Notre Dame and the Pacers, there is always a team to watch. Indiana was one of the last states to move to class High School basketball. If you have ever watched the movie Hoosiers you’ll get a glimpse of why class sports is not very well liked. Hoosiers love the fact a small school can compete with a larger school and win! But those days are over, and the thrill just doesn’t seem to be the same.

For you basketball fans, and those with kids playing the game, Gina has a new product in the store this week. It’s the first of many sport themed kits she is creating. Kudos to all the young men and women who play the sport and dream of being on a College Basketball team and going to The Final Four. Let the March Madness begin!


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