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The Morning Chorus

White-eyed Vireo

As I am drinking coffee this morning and catching up on a few projects, I  heard the chirping of an American Robin. The song was very slight so I honed in on the sound. I thought to myself, “could it be?…..could it be I am hearing the beginning of the morning chorus?”……….the songs that herald the coming of spring and breeding season? ……then the song stopped.

I refilled my coffee and cracked the kitchen window so as to listen a little closer. Sure enough the cold morning air was filled with bird song. I closed my eyes and listened, and for the first time this year I felt like spring was finally here. I have heard birds chirping for awhile now, but not like this morning, not a full chorus of males singing, trying to impress the feathered females.

I love it…..the simple pleasure of  hearing the morning chorus while drinking my coffee. When you listen close …………..it soothes the soul.


One comment on “The Morning Chorus

  1. Donna S. Fernandez
    March 29, 2014

    Lyrical at best, and although I don't have robins in S FL, I've plenty of other feathery and fuzzy friends to get me through the morning coffee, paper, and a shared banana with Cody, my pooch.

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