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Her name is Scorpio and she’s a Peregrine Falcon. She was one of six Peregrines hacked in Muncie, Indiana by the Ball State University student chapter of The Wildlife Society. I was the Program Coordinator, President of the Organization, all around manager of the release project.

The project was a huge deal and we gained the support of the University, Department of Biology, Businesses, Local Conservation groups, and the general public. I worked for 2 years to bring the project to fruition……….from development to procure funds, jumping through hoops with the state and federal government (Peregrines were listed as Endangered at that time), educating myself on medicinal procedures by attending training, researching past releases, conducting pre-release surveys, garnering relationships with local businesses, politicians, government officials, renown raptor breeders and researchers, recruiting and coordinating volunteers and University students, presenting the project to the media, conservation groups, schools, business organizations, etc……..and that was all before the falcons even arrived on the scene. I could list a multitude of other responsibilities and tasks I was in charge of or responsible for, but the short list gives you an idea of the work that went into the project.

The story is a long one and I am so very proud of the outcome.

Once the falcons are mature and have left the area, you always wonder where they are and what happened to them. Imagine my surprise and delight when I got a phone call that Scorpio had settled in Davenport, Iowa. She has been there since, with her mate P/D and I have continued to keep track of her.

Scorpio is once again in the nest box and beginning another year of raising chicks. She has laid 4 eggs and as of this writing one has hatched. Isn’t it adorable!

It gives me great pride to know the project was worth every single second I put into it.

The chicks will be banded the first week of June and if all goes according to plan, I hope to be there again this year to see my “girl” and help with the banding.


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