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A Canoe Kind of Day

Last weekend was my birthday weekend. When asked what I wanted to do, of course my first thought was……”go canoeing.” I LOVE to canoe. Gliding through the water quietly, in a beautiful area, on a warm sunny day, is one of my favorite things to do.

So me and the kids got up early on Sunday, packed a cooler, the sunscreen, life jackets and off we went. The weather could not have been better!

We drove an hour to get to Chain-O-Lakes state park in northern Indiana. A perfect place to spend the day in a canoe……..lots of little lakes all chained together by channels, no motorized boats and no high volume of people venturing to explore the farthest lake and channel areas. It is a quiet and beautiful place full of wildlife.

The park also has a nice swimming area on one of the largest lakes (the busiest place in the summer), adorable cabins, a great camping area, and lots of trails to explore. What makes the place so special is all the lakes are “kettle” lakes………that is they were formed during the last ice age as the glaciers retreated. The lakes are spring fed and surrounded by multiple protected wetland areas……….therefore the wildlife habitat has remained intact. It’s a wonderful place for birding, so if you ever happen to chance by the area be sure to have a pair of binoculars at your side.


This was Lilly’s first experience in a canoe and she had a blast! Not once did she get antsy or ask ‘are we there yet’ – she enjoyed looking for and watching the songbirds and waterfowl. Of course she kept an eye out for damselflies and dragonflies……..as in her words, “I want to be an Entomologist when I grow up.” Go figure, a 7 yr old girl wanting to be an Entomologist! Most little girls think insects are gross and icky…….not Lilly, she is fascinated by them. Who knows…..maybe she’ll be the next EO Wilson, only in female form.

It was a fun day for everyone and I especially enjoyed the relaxing time on the water. It was a wonderful birthday……..a day spent doing something I love, surrounded by the beauty of our natural world.


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