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He is a Blessing

Today I remember going to the hospital on a hot July day……… 9 months pregnant and a basket of nerves; as I was in labor with my first child. I was so young and felt very overwhelmed with the new adventure my life was about to take on. My husband was with me, along with my parents ……I still remember my father pacing the floor and coming into the labor room (yes, the days of the “suites” had not yet come) to check on me. The labor was long and when everything was over ……I cradled a sweet red headed baby boy. My oldest son Lee Michael……..I gave him my father’s name for his middle name.

Lee is a joy……..now a man I am so very very proud of and love so very much.

Lee is an adventurer, not one to sit idle for too long……..from the day he began to walk and explore the world I knew he would always strive to be more than average. He loves living life to the fullest; is not afraid of the unknown; respects and honors his country, fellow man, woman child and animal; he reaches out to help others (strangers included) in time of need; and is always ready with a quick come back when joking with friends. He is a rock with a tender heart.

I think about the days when he pulled his little red wagon around the yard (even back then he loved anything with wheels!); the days I now laugh at as he went through those teenage years of “don’t tell Mom.” …….we both laugh at so many of the “coming of age” antics boys go through. “It’s all good,” as Lee says……fun times of innocent youth.

Yet today I think about the chubby little guy with the big grin; his first birthday party and him sitting on the lap of his Dad while diving both hands into his cake. I think about the day of his birth and how the years have flown by now that he is a man………a man I am blessed and proud to say is my son; a man I love so very much. My oldest, my first born, the one that made me realize just how special it is to be a Mom.

Happy Birthday Lee………..you are one of my greatest accomplishments. I say it all the time………but I will never tire of saying, “I love you.”


One comment on “He is a Blessing

  1. carmen
    October 9, 2014

    such a nice story 2 share and what a handsome young man…very proud momma u r as u should be…what a blessing 2 have a awesome son…and what a blessed son 2 be loved so much by his mother.

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