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It’s been pretty quiet on the Digi Scrapbook front, as Mel (Mel Hains Designs) got married last weekend (CONGRATS MEL!!) and Gina (Weeds and Wildflowers Designs) has been super busy with her sons HS football team. Both will be back in swing soon and I’ll have more goodies to share with you.

Myself, I’ve been busy with late summer/early fall gardening. I’ve been fighting powdery mildew and Boxelder bugs on my cone flowers, brown-eyed susans, peonys, and both have most recently attacked the roses…………..oh the little pests are a pain! I have been treating them with a pesticide and fungicide  and (keeping my fingers crossed) I think I got rid of both. I’ve also been splitting and transplanting lilies and one HUGE (4-5′ wide) and TALL (4′ tall) cone flower, I swear it was like digging up a tree! So far I have gotten 5 nice size starts out of it and still have another big clump I can split into 3 or 4 starts. 

Did I mention I LOVE coneflowers………because I do! I have yellow, white, and raspberry right now but I have my eye on some red ones (Tomato Soup) and peach ones (Katie Saul) that are stunning! and how about the blue one (Blueberry Pie) – wow!  There are so many coneflower varieties to choose from, it is sometimes hard to decide. However, regardless of which one (or ones in my case) all of them together will provide a profusion of color in the garden.

I had written several posts about Hydrangeas back in the very early spring. My neighbor gave me a start off of his and it is coming along nicely! and………hum….I just may have enough room to plant another one. Oh my……..the garden designs and combinations are endless. To someday have acres and acres where I could create flower gardens would be a dream come true! But ya know what……dreams can come true!


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