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The Leaves are Beginning to Turn

Autumn is a beautiful time of year………..at some point or another, leaves turn nearly every shade of red, orange or yellow depending on the tree species. It saddens me to see the green of spring and summer begin to fade away, yet I have to admit the fall colors can be brilliant. There is nothing prettier than a forest, mountain side, woodlot, or even the maple in the backyard display brightly colored leaves. I read someplace it’s Mother Nature’s last hurrah before the winter sets in.  The trees in my neck of the woods are just starting to turn……..I can see a pop of orange or yellow here and there as I walk through the woods, or drive along a country road.

It’s quiet too.

The birds are migrating, so the morning chorus has been replaced by the sound of crickets and katydids. I still have a few hummingbirds fighting over the feeder, yet they too will soon depart for a warmer climate. I  keep track of bird migration reports and our summer breeders have been heading south for some time now. I’m fascinated by the migration movements and how birds migrate along  pressure systems that affect the weather. It is extraordinary how these little creatures can travel such long distances.

My flower garden is also showing signs of the impending cold weather. Many of my perennials have gone to seed or have died back in preparation for dormancy. However, I am surprised that four of my roses are setting new buds and beginning a flourish of blossoms! Not to mention the 8 mums I have are huge and simply stunning! My white daisies, berry cone flowers, delphiniums, lavenders, aster, and my annual zinnias (I have some zinnias that are 4 to 5 ft tall) and impatiens are still blooming……so all in all I’m still enjoying a colorful garden.

I’ve rattled on long enough, this post is to provide a quick page for you. Since night falls earlier, I’m inside and have a bit more time to create pages………..plus I haven’t posted a freebie here on my blog for awhile now.

I created this QP using Weeds and Wildflowers The Love Collection. I also used  elements (background wordart, background paint, greenery, ribbons, red roses and pink lily) from the kit XOXO. I only provided the kit preview for The Love Collection, but you can take a look at the XOXO kit HERE – plus the XOXO kit parts are on sale for only $1.00 each! That’s 80% off the regular price!

Click on the previews for a closer look. You can pick up the QP HERE.

As always, for personal use only please!!! Enjoy and happy scrapping!

I’ll have another QP for you (Autumn themed) soon! 🙂

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