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An Early Christmas Gift

My oldest son Lee made a surprise visit over the weekend! He told me he was coming up next weekend but surprised me and arrived last Friday! I nearly burst into tears when he called and said, “Mom…..thought I would let you know I’m only 67 miles away”……..he had been driving all night (it’s a 16 hour trip)……….to say I was excited and happy is an understatement.  He couldn’t stay long as he had to get back for work……..but it was so wonderful having him home! I so miss the days when the kids were little and in awe of the Christmas season, with all of us spread across the country it’s hard to get everyone together at one time. If you have little ones……..enjoy every single minute because the years pass oh so quickly.

The excitement of the weekend is over, and the house is once again quiet (too quiet much of the time), therefore I created another Christmas quick page for you. As with the last one, I used the Jolly Holiday collection from Weeds and Wildflowers.

If you’re having problems figuring out which download button to use on 4shared – it’s the grey button with the blue arrow just under the file name. I don’t really like 4shared because of the confusion, but I have to use it until I can find time to research other sites.

You can pick up the quick page Here
Hope your holiday season is going great! Enjoy!


One comment on “An Early Christmas Gift

  1. Jo
    December 28, 2014

    Thank You – 4 share is confusing Do you have to have a social media account to download? I clicked on the grey button, it went to another page when I clicked that grey download a window popped up and said download with social media

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