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Check out the Pins

I love Pinterest! it’s so easy to find something you’re looking for, and I find myself searching on it instead of Google (for such things as recipes, DIY’s, workouts, quilt blocks, etc…) To me it’s nice to see a page of photos with a short explanation of the link…..and then scroll though them. I get bored and frustrated going through a list of search results from Google.

Anyway……….Pinterest has a digital scrapbook freebie board you can follow. I’m a member of the “pinners” and believe me the board has a multitude of different styles with links to all kinds of freebies………be they kits, quick pages, papers, clusters, etc….

Take a look, you might find something you like and scroll, scroll, scroll because new pins are being added all the time. As of this writing there are over 10,000 pins.

If you are not on Pinterest I suggest you sign up! It’s a great resource for nearly everything!!

Check it out ————–>>>>>  Pinterest Digital Scrapbook Freebies


One comment on “Check out the Pins

  1. jls
    January 10, 2015

    Cool!!! Thanks for the tip!

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