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Lost Puppy

Budweiser once again creates an adorable and heart warming Super Bowl commercial……….and just like last years “Puppy Love” commercial it brought back memories of when Beau was a puppy.

I was a wreck! I had let Beau and Buddy out to use the potty and within a 15 minute time frame (long enough for me to fold a load of laundry and put another in the dryer) ……..Beau was missing. Buddy was at the door as usual, but as I looked around the yard and called for Beau he was no where to be found. I was living way out in the country with the house up a very long lane. The property was surrounded by cow pastures and row crops with a CFO a field away.  I called, I walked the fields, the pastures, the creek, the woods edge down the hill from the house, out to the road and back and forth for the majority of the afternoon. Buddy was by my side the entire time as though he too was looking for his pal.  I was in tears. My little Golden was gone.

As night fell my heart sank.

The next day I made flyers and posted them everywhere, I called every veterinarian, animal shelter, and rescue place within a two county radius. Heck I even called the local Police and Sheriff.  I put out Ads online and offered a Reward for Beau return.

Days passed………and nothing.

Then I noticed that Buddy kept going up to the truck and walking around it, looking up at it – he had never done that before. He kept looking over at the CFO and he would bark. Maybe he was trying to tell me something. So I took action.

I packed up Lilly and Buddy in the Jeep and drove over to the CFO. They already had one of the flyers I made, but I wanted to double check and ask if anyone had seen Beau. Nope…………they said they hadn’t. But something still tugged inside me. So I drove over the other CFO the company owned and spoke to the supervisor. ………I was stern, I gave him another flyer……..I told him that if anyone knew something or had seen Beau they needed to contact me immediately……..I made reference that I had contacted the local police, Sheriff, Veterinarians, etc…….. then I left.

The next morning a man pulled up in the drive and as I walked out to greet him and ask what he needed he said, “Are you missing a puppy”……….I was floored. He had Beau at his house………..someone (so he says) had put Beau in the back of his truck and he didn’t know Beau was there until he was nearly home (approximately 8-9 miles away). The man worked at the CFO next door. No wonder Buddy kept searching around the truck and barking over at the CFO! Smart dog!

I followed him home and there was Beau…….in their yard tied up. I walked over to him and tears streamed down my face as Beau jumped on me and gave me puppy kiss after puppy kiss!  I was filled with joy and relief! I presented the reward to the man and his wife and took Beau home. The pic above was taken that evening. It was a happy ending to a very stressful and worrisome ordeal. Within days Beau had a new micro-chip. Something I  highly suggest every pet owner do.

So with all of that said………..the Budweiser commercial brought back the memory of my lost dog and the happiness I felt as he jumped into my arms to take him home.

There’s just something about puppies………..something about being in the country………something about the friendship between pet owners, and between the pets themselves………….if it hadn’t been for Beau’s pal Buddy, I would never had went back over to the CFO………Buddy knew what had happened to Beau………and he let me know in his own special way. ………

and I know Beau misses his pal Buddy and    ……….just as I do.


One comment on “Lost Puppy

  1. Genie Wooden
    February 3, 2015

    what a sweet story as a mom to 5 little dogs I totally understand how devastated you must have felt, I'm glad it turned out ok

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