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Happy Birthday Cory!

Today is my son’s 26th Birthday and I am missing him so very much. He’s on the west coast and here I am in the Midwest.

I’ve said it before and I will never tire of saying just how proud I am of him. Watching him grow over the years has been one of my greatest blessings. He never fails to amaze me, as he has already received numerous awards and accolades in his young life ….. and all of them shows the dedication, courage, determination, and honor he has. A veteran of the US Navy he just received the Presidential Unit Citation…..the highest honor bestowed to a Navel Unit.

He will be attending Law School after college and I have no doubt he will succeed and make a difference in this world. Cory is not one to just sit idly by and watch things happen…..he’s the type that MAKES things happen…….he has a spark in side of him that strives to be more and do more. And. He. Will

Happy Birthday my son………..I love you so very much.

6th Birthday Party

Stone Henge – Summer 2013

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