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Spring is Arriving!

I can not be happier that spring is finally here. Migration is in full swing and the birds are singing their little hearts out. The snow is gone, the trees are budding out, tender new growth of wildflowers are popping through fallen leaves, and the ice has nearly melted off  the lake……..the earth is coming alive again and I cherish every second of it.

This is the time of year  I love to walk through the woods. On each visit I see something new, be it the arrival of another bird species ready to start nesting, a wildflower that didn’t bloom yesterday, or critters coming out of hibernation. Each walk is the same, but oh so different at the same time.  I love my walks………the solitude, the time to think, reflect, and notice the little things, in life and on earth, that are often taken for granted.

and……..I think allot these days. Spring always does that to me. Makes me think – wonder – ponder – about the past, present and future…….about people, places……things done and things to do, and things yet to come along. Maybe it’s because spring seems to be a fresh start…….when all is new and alive again, after the long quiet dormancy of winter.  Whatever the case may be, if I find myself thinking too much (which I can often do) I quickly snap myself out of it………….then continue down the trail with binoculars in hand, searching for the wood thrush or warbler I just heard.


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This entry was posted on March 17, 2015 by in Personal Thoughts.
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