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Well I’m pretty excited!

I haven’t posted much about my quilting, but something happened today that made me feel so good! I belong to a quilting group on Facebook. It’s a great place to see the work of very talented ladies, get tips and ideas. I don’t post much on it, I’m more of a browser. Well today I posted a photo of a quilt I made for my grandson. It’s a sail boat quilt pattern I found from Fig Tree and Company…….this is it:

and……..here is my grandson enjoying his quilt at the beach!

So anyway……..

I posted the photo to the quilt group. A gal with Riley Blake Designs commented on my post and asked if she could “share” the photo to the Riley Blake Designs page. I had used the Riley Blake Designs Fabric collection of Fly Aweigh.  I was tickled pink and very flattered!! She and I conversed a bit on the post and she said “Cheryl you just made our week :-)” which was a very sweet thing to say and once again made me feel very flattered.

So….about the quilt:

I used the fabric collection of Fly Aweigh by Riley Blake Designs and the Kona solids of white and aqua. 

The pattern is Sail Away from Fig Tree and Company.

I did alter the pattern a bit.

The pattern calls for the “waves” to be above the sail boats with the points pointing downward. After putting those blocks together I decided to flip them so they would be at the bottom of the boats with the points pointing upward (as in a wave). It just didn’t look right to me the other way……..or rather didn’t make sense that “waves” would be above a boat and not under it.  I also decided to use just a solid border around it instead of another series of points (or rather flying geese blocks). I just felt by doing so it would make the eye travel to the main area of the quilt and highlight the boats better. In any case, I was very happy with the outcome.

For the top quilting, I used my “S” stitch set on the highest width and length so it would resemble waves on the white background fabric and border aqua fabric. I then stitched around the border of each boat and stitched in the ditch on the interior sections (along each seam) of the boats.

This is a pic of the blocks in progress. The pic is somewhat dark as it was taken at night under horrible light! 

Just a note about the pattern if you happen to decide to purchase it and make this quilt. The fabric for the HSTs in the boat sails are cut and sewn on the diagonal, which leaves NO ROOM for error or squaring up. I would suggest making the HSTs the “normal” way and then squaring them up to the needed size. Also, there are many cuts at the 1/8″ mark so be very careful with your measuring and cutting…..a mere movement of your ruler making the cut slightly more or less will make the boats wonky and your seams will not line up correctly. I had to redo one boat sail completely because I was off a mere 1/32nd of an inch……..ugh – seam ripping and having to re-cut fabric is no fun! Also, this is not a “quick” quilt to make so allow yourself time and patience.

I have other quilts I have made that I have not posted. I’m a bit shy because there are so many talented women making beautiful quilts……..but after today and getting such a wonderful compliment from someone at a major fabric design company ……….well…..I won’t be shy anymore!! I’m going to grab my camera and click click click………because after all……I am very proud of my quilts!

Here is one I made for my granddaughter…..she is snuggled up under it on a cold day back in the winter. Again….the pic is dark…….so I apologize.

…and yes…….the quilt is reversible.


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