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Lots of Memories

Memories………images of the past, captured in photographs from so long ago.

Lonetta’s new kit this week prompted me to take a drive down memory lane. To reconnect with a time when life was simple; to visit the days of yesteryear before I was a glimmer in the eyes of my parents.

My mother’s family was raised in the mountains of southeast Kentucky. My grandfather was a coal miner……..and made moonshine on the side for extra money. The living was hard but faith and the love of family was strong. My mother had the opportunity to move and work in New York City in her early 20’s……..it’s where she met my father, a “city boy” that tried to take advantage of my mother on their first date………..but she drank HIM under the table and he learned very quickly southern women are no fools. She always laughs when she tells the story.

I always enjoy listening to my mother tell stories of how life was………I need to write them all down so they are always there. Like a good book you love to re-read.

Lonetta’s new kit Yesteryear is perfect for vintage photos (I think so anyway) ………..so head over to The Digichick and pick it up while it’s on sale……. then pull out those old black and whites…scan them……and never let the memories fade.


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This entry was posted on April 2, 2015 by in Creative Victorian, Family.
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